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  Name Title
Mary Abou-Zakhim Abou-Zakhim, Mary Preschool Aide
Bethany Ashbaugh Ashbaugh, Bethany 1st Grade Teacher
Patrick Ater Ater, Patrick MS Math
Judy Auble Auble, Judy Food Services
Lindsey Bennett Bennett, Lindsey 2nd Grade Teacher
Melissa Bragg Bragg, Melissa Academic Dean
Tia Brown Brown, Tia Kindergarten Teacher
Madison Carneal Carneal, Madison Drama and Movement Teacher
Mollie Carneal Carneal, Mollie Drama and Movement Teacher
Amber Cole Cole, Amber 3rd Grade Teacher
Andy Combs Combs, Andy Art Teacher
Chris DuBose DuBose, Chris Custodian
Matthew Dudack Dudack, Matthew Band
Victoria Fox Fox, Victoria Drama and Movement Teacher
Rachel Glodde Glodde, Rachel 4th Grade Teacher
Kathryn Guist Guist, Kathryn Admissions Director
Edith Marina Gutierrez (Rubio) Gutierrez (Rubio), Edith Marina Spanish Teacher
Robin Hannold Hannold, Robin MS Language Arts
Valerie Hempel Hempel, Valerie Wildlife/ E.T.C Director
Jeremy Hesson Hesson, Jeremy Human Resources and Accounting
Christin Mitchell Mitchell, Christin Custodian
Jamie Murphy Murphy, Jamie 5th Grade Teacher and MS Social Studies Teacher
Dody Nahas Nahas, Dody Interim Head of School
Annie Perez Perez, Annie Preschool
Pamela Popa Popa, Pamela Executive Secretary/Receptionist
Adam Rennecker Rennecker, Adam Bus Coordinator
Katlyn Saffell Saffell, Katlyn Preschool Teacher
Andrew Saltarelli Saltarelli, Andrew Physical Education
Terry Saunders Saunders, Terry Maintenance
Katie Schumacher Schumacher, Katie
Brandon Shook Shook, Brandon MS STEM
Jennifer Simon Simon, Jennifer STEM Teacher
Mary Slee Slee, Mary Music Teacher K-4 and Librarian
Claudia Sommers Sommers, Claudia Interim Head of School
Lindsay Stacy Stacy, Lindsay Drama and Movement Teacher
Wendy Thomas Thomas, Wendy Preschool Teacher
Haleigh Wendt Wendt, Haleigh Preschool Teacher
Caroline Willett Willett, Caroline Psychologist