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Our Early Learning program is open to children who are three years old. We offer a combined Pre-Kindergarten and Junior-Kindergarten program.

The Early Childhood Program actively involves young children in an environment rich in learning opportunities: one that invites a child to observe, be active, make choices, experiment, wonder, create, imagine and discover. The daily goal is to provide these opportunities in a nurturing environment where respect for self and others is promoted.

Reading and Language Arts

The children are given the opportunity to practice and develop listening skills, speaking skills, and phonemic awareness through circle time activities, classroom activities, assembly, library time, and interaction with peers. Reading readiness is enhanced through books, story time, and exposure to print in various forms. Their comprehension skills are developed through books, conversation, observation, questioning, and dramatic play.


The children develop writing skills through various fine motor tasks. They use crayons, markers, pencils, classroom manipulatives, art materials as well as everyday items such as clothespins, woodworking tools and cooking utensils to increase development.


Through Math activities they can develop awareness an understanding of numbers through rote counting, 1:1 correspondence, construction of sets, as well as identify, match, sort, pattern, and construct basic shapes. The children explore measurement through the use of non-standard tools as well as standard measuring tools. Using classroom manipulatives, they can match, compare, sort, classify objects according to various attributes and begin to recognize, extend, and recreate simple patterns. In the Math center, the children practice and develop estimation, attempt problem solving, simple quantifying skills and logic through classroom activities, play situational learning and solve puzzles. They also begin to develop a sense of time through daily calendar and weather graph manipulation.

Technology in the classroom

The students develop the recognition of technology and the importance of the role it plays in the world. The children practice and develop persistence, communication, logic, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration through basic technology skills using the Smart Board and iPad.

Additional Classes

Our students go to science, Spanish, technology, art, library, physical education, music and movement.

CCDS provides families with several different scheduling options for our Early Childhood program. We offer both a half day  (8:20 am to 12:30 pm) and a full day (8:20 am to 3:20 pm) scheduling option. During the admissions process, you will worked the Admissions and Business office to select the schedule that fits best for you and your child. Request information today.