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When the MISSION meets the MOMENT!
At Canton Country Day School, our mission drives everything we do. Each day we work together to educate and empower students to meet challenges in an every-changing world. As with all independent schools, tuition revenue alone does not cover the full cost of educating a CCDS student. When you give to The Annual Fund, you help bridge the gap and contribute vital funds to academic programs and expenses. You sustain the student-teacher bonds that help children strengthen their character, their skills, and their ability to make a real difference. You demonstrate that together we can make a difference in the lives of young people. We need you to make it happen! Please join us, along with generations of Canton Country Day School alumni and friends, and give today!
Madame Sommers
Development Director


Many thanks to our generous donors to this year's Annual Fund and Restricted Gifts!


The Visionaries - $10,000 and above
Eric Kimble
Schumacher Homes Operations, Inc.
The Deuble Foundation
Abner & Esther Yoder Charitable Foundation
Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation
President's Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Robert & Beverly Vail
Headmaster's Club - $2,000 to $4,999
Damon & Kimberly Leeman
Karim Zein & Nicole DiSalvo
Stephen & Tracy Yoder
Leadership Club - $1,000 to $1,999
S. Carter Pace & Mikhaila Noble-Pace
Christine Kimble
Robin & Elwood Hannold
Timothy & Tiffiny Barta
Haleigh & Trevor Wendt
Firas Hamdan & Maria Charif
Daniel N. Narens
Fred & Jolyn Parshall
Adam & Cortney Rennecker
William & Beth Schumacher
Sustaining Club - $500 to $999
Anju Mader
James & Donna Powell
Michael & Jennifer Brown
Valerie & Robert Hempel
Jace Geier
Robert & Melinda Chase
Sherri & Douglas Michael
Abbott Electric
James & Nichole Collum
Thomas Leavenworth
McFadden Insurance Agency
Roger & Josephine Palutsis
Rodney Reasonover
Theodore & Linda Swaldo
Urology One Inc
George & Ashlee Waikem
Bradly Winkhart & Jana Schweikert
CCDS Patron Club - $250 to $499
Jamie & Robert Murphy
Todd & Amy Allen
Steven & Iris Ossakow
John & Linda Deuble
Shawndelle & Jeremy Chester
John Haas
Bryan Hecht & Marcie Groesbeck
Carol Infield
Eric & Mia Mounts
Mary & Anthony Slee
Heather & Walter Null
Benjamin Boyd
Gregory Coggiano & Melinda Brown
Terry & Shirley Humphrey
Nathaniel Lehrer
S. Dan & Judy Pace
Eric Palutsis
William Schumacher
Pamela Shaw & Thomas Roncevic
Claudia & Lorin Sommers
Rebecca Stewart
Benjamin & Rita Swisher
Blue & White Club - $100 to $249
Bruce & Maira Liliestedt
Arvind Krishna & Ritu Singh
L. Slater & Hope Raub
Jessica & Aaron Archer
Barney & Kathryn Austin
Michael & Stacy Bridges
Dean G & Jane G Lauritzen Philanthropic Fund
Amanda & Jon Kendle
Kolp Development
Edith Marina Gutiérrez (Rubio)
Connie Lutz
Danielle & Christian Fontes
Patrick & Maureen Ater
Barry & Diana McNulty
Amanda & Michael Klapchar
Jennifer & Jerry Adams
Amber & Nicholas Cole
Colin Jenkins
Joshua A. & Katherine J. Harris Family Fund
Gregory & Janet Luntz
Michelle & Anthony Rodriguez
Brian Bortz
Kevin Ingerham & Miranda Charnock
Lucian & Ana Barbur
Laurel Trummer-Symes
Allison Parshall
Marie & Jason Gasper-Hulvat
Helen J Heller
Jacob Donnelly
Thomas James & Jessica Theodore
Chris Jones
William & Lorraine Murphy
Mike & Barb Abbott
Eid Alhatem & Yara Khouri
Carolyn Becker
Theodore & Donna Boyd
Elizabeth Dundon
Martha E. Getman
Christian & Babette Griffith
Joshua & Anna Jay
Evan Jenkins
Barbara Kelly
Leigh & Thomas Kischke
Donald Kovac & Lamese Hamideh
William & Sharon Luntz
Sarah & Esteban Nieto
Michele Porter
Lawrence M. Ronning, II & Paige Gott
Mary Schumacher
Katherine Schumacher
Stephen Seccombe & Susan Newell
Karen & Paul Sherbine
Debbie & Dave Socotch
The Noble O. and Ann L. Carpenter Foundation Fund
Donald & Josephine Tosi
John & Valerie Walters
Kay & Basil Wolfe
Friends - $1 to $99
Michael Albert
Mark & Paula Smith
Tricia Ater
Krista & Thomas Handel
Robert & Jackie Kiedrowicz
Denise Kiedrowicz
Samuel Jocas
Mark & Patricia Conley
Eric Caspersen
Randy & Amy McGill
Barbara & Stanley Rubin
Graeham Harper
Julie Kaufholz
Beth Krantz
Matthew & Eileen Saltarelli
Jennifer Spillios
Sam & Jody Zucchero
Jeremiah Blaine
Thomas & Holly Borden
Jack & Cynthia Bouer
Maura & Michael Cotter
Brooks Deuble
Matthew & Lara Dudack
David Ewing
Linda & Michael Fenorchito
Lindsey & John King
Ali Kovac
Brandon Mader
Holly Miktarian
R. Paul & Janice Monks
Dody & Thomas Nahas
Drew Ossakow
Dennis & Susan K Palomba
Pamela Popa
Kayla Shaheen
Lindsay Socotch
Galen & Janene Weisent
Pauline & David Witmer
Ron & Annette Biltz
Carli Walters
Matthew & Susi Williams
Lisa Baker
Diane & William Blocker
Melissa & Matthew Bragg
Douglas Coen
Mike Dawson
Megan Dean
Chris DuBose
Joe Hayes
Shaina Hecht
Leah Hecht
Aaron Honabarger Sr.
Stephen & Debra Humphrey
Meghan Lechner
Annette Mills
Christin Mitchell
Michael Stein & Cathy Nesbitt-Stein
Joseph & Amy Whitman
Carrie Wiesen
Sue Wolfe Rodgers
Joseph & Joyce Yut
Taylor Dowling Prelac
Laurette & Jonathan Roales
Stefanie Ady
Judy Auble
Aline Dominguez
Frank Esposito
Rain Fisher Jocas
Wendy Jackson
Dominic Jocas
Marianna Jocas
Joseph Jocas
Autumn Jocas
Gabriela Jocas
Shananne Lewis
Madison Backus
Mary Brio Rose
Lynette Dougan-Ray & Oral Ray