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When the MISSION meets the MOMENT!
At Canton Country Day School, our mission drives everything we do. Each day we work together to educate and empower students to meet challenges in an every-changing world. As with all independent schools, tuition revenue alone does not cover the full cost of educating a CCDS student. When you give to The Annual Fund, you help bridge the gap and contribute vital funds to academic programs and expenses. You sustain the student-teacher bonds that help children strengthen their character, their skills, and their ability to make a real difference. You demonstrate that together we can make a difference in the lives of young people. We need you to make it happen! Please join us, along with generations of Canton Country Day School alumni and friends, and give today!
Madame Sommers


Many thanks to our generous donors for their contribution to the 2021/2022 Annual Fund and Restricted Gifts!


The Visionaries - $10,000 and above
Eric Kimble
Henry and Louise Timken Foundation
The Paul and Carol David Foundation
Deuble Foundation
Abner & Esther Yoder Charitable Foundation
President's Circle - $5,000 to $9,999
Kristin C. Timken Charitable Foundation
Leadership Club - $1,000 to $1,999
Susan Mihal
Eric Schreiber
Connie Lutz
Christy Kimble
Danny Narens
Frank Lavin
Adam Rennecker
Robert Vail
Sustaining Club - $500 to $999
Heather Null
Dr. James & Donna Powell
Dr. Anju Mader
James Collum
Jace Geier
Steve & Tracy Yoder
Haleigh Wendt
Steve Humphrey
Jana Schweikert
CCDS Patron Club - $250 to $499
Charities Aid Foundation America
Valerie Hempel
Jamie Murphy
Katherine Chen
William Schumacher
Kolp Development
William Smith
Dr. Bryan Hecht
Mike & Stacy Bridges
Robin Hannold
Dr. Firas Hamdan
Roger & Jojo Palutsis
Eric Palutsis
Zeshawn Qadir
Ashwin Engineering Innovations, LLC
Danielle Fontes
Valerie Walters
Joseph & Elizabeth Jones
Benjamin & Rita Swisher
Gregory Coggiano
George & Ashlee Waikem
Randy McGill
Pygragassino Inc.
Steve & Iris Ossakow
Blue & White Club - $100 to $249
Susan Criswell
Greg & Janet Luntz
Dr. Matthew & Dr. Eileen Saltarelli
Jon & Amanda Kendle
Robert Kinast
Becky Stewart
John Sirpilla
Mary Slee
Ron &  Annette Biltz
Jason & Dr. Marie Gasper-Hulvat
Jessica Archer
Barney Austin
Pamela Shaw
Bethany Ashbaugh
Stacy David
Bruce & Maira Liliestedt
David Rennecker
Barry McNulty
Patricia Williams
Claudia Sommers
Asia Smith
Tom & Jessica James
Dr. Eid & Dr. Yara Alhatem
Robert & Melinda Chase
Susan Newell
Chase White
Carolyn Smith
Anthony Flex
Paris Nahas
Amy Elbaor
Dody Nahas
Carolyn Becker
The Noble O. and Ann L. Carpenter Foundation Fund
Denise Kiedrowicz
Matthew Williams
Hellen Heller
Graeham Harper
Robrt Belliveau
Amy Conn
Karen quinlan
Andrew Saltarelli
Katie Schumacher
Caroline Willett
Pete Christ
Judith Cheney
Benjamin & Kaliope Boyd
William Getman
Jeremy Hesson
Tia Brown
Kaydee Korchnak
Adam Hufstetler
Friends - $1 to $99
Linda Deuble
Lucian Barbur
Amber Cole
Amazon Smile
Amanda Klapchar
Maximilian Fosnaught
Nick Palutsis
Lana Bookwalter
Meridith White
Robert Powell
Arabella Kell
Vera Burton
Audrey Lavin
Matt Dudack
Missy Bragg
Patrick Ater
Eric Mounts
Shananne Lewis
Rhonda Gobely
Dale Cody
Jake Coggiano
Brenden Bosworth
Lottie Elder
Robert Kiedrowicz
Brian Bortz
R. Paul Monks
Lindsey King
Ian Murphy
Taylor Dowling Prelac
Kevin Ingerham
Savanna German
Sarah Nieto
Drew Ossakow
JP Deuble
Brandon Ballos
Jessica Kerr
Kyle Talkington