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When the MISSION meets the MOMENT!
At Canton Country Day School, our mission drives everything we do. Each day we work together to educate and empower students to meet challenges in an every-changing world. As with all independent schools, tuition revenue alone does not cover the full cost of educating a CCDS student. When you give to The Annual Fund, you help bridge the gap and contribute vital funds to academic programs and expenses. You sustain the student-teacher bonds that help children strengthen their character, their skills, and their ability to make a real difference. You demonstrate that together we can make a difference in the lives of young people. We need you to make it happen! Please join us, along with generations of Canton Country Day School alumni and friends, and give today!
Madame Sommers


Many thanks to our generous donors for their contribution to the 2022/2023 Annual Fund and Restricted Gifts!


The Visionaries - $10,000 and above 
Mr. Eric Kimble 
Henry and Louise Timken Foundation 
Abner & Esther Yoder Charitable Foundation
 Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation
President's Circle - $5,000 to $9,999 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yoder
Headmaster’s Club - $2,000 to $4,999 
American Classic Snack Company 
Hufstetler State Farm Insurance Agency 
Dr. Daniel Celik and Dr. Emily Godlewski 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ruwadi 
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Jarvis
Leadership Club - $1,000 to $1,999 
Schumacher Homes 
Siak Technology 
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hufstetler 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Humphrey
 Drs. Mike and Stacy Bridges 
Ms. Christy Kimble 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schreiber 
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Rennecker
 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schumacher 
Dr. Manish Goyal 
The Stark Community Foundation
Sustaining Club - $500 to $999 
Comparion Insurance Agency 
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hempel 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Liliestedt 
Ms. Danielle Fontes 
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Murphy 
Vail Industries 
Ms. Karen Quinlan 
Avalon Food Services 
Mr. Tim Fox 
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Simon 
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Wendt
 Collum Law Office 
Reflective Energy Solutions 
Drs. Bradly Winkart and Jana Schweikert
CCDS Patron Club - $250 to $499 
Charities Aid Foundation America
 Ms. Connie Lutz
 Dr. Anju Mader 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sanzone 
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kendle 
Ms. Marina Gutiérrez 
Mr. Terry Saunders 
Mr. Chris Jones 
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Ballos 
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bennett
 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nahas
 Abbott Electric 
Mr. Aran Deibel and Ms. Christine Perrine 
Schwab Charitable
 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith 
Mr. Ben Boyd 
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Slee
 Ms. Stacy David 
Drs. Firas Hamdan and Maria Charif 
Drs. Arvind Krishna and Ritu Singh 
Ashwin Engineering Innovations
 Priyabala Ramaiah
 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Saltarelli 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chase
 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ater 
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Hannold 
Pygragassino Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Williams
Blue & White Club - $100 to $249 
Ms. Paris Nahas 
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cole 
Mrs. Carolyn Becker 
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Biltz 
Mr. Jeremy Hesson 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Humphrey 
Ms. Denise Kiedrowicz 
Dr. Steven and Iris Ossakow 
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sarris
 Ms. Rebecca Stewart 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Adams 
Mr. Barney Austin 
Ms. Rhoda Christ 
Blaze Midwest Inc. 
Mr. Zeshawn Qadir 
Ms. Lindsay Socotch 
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cody
 Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Ashbaugh
 Mr. Andy Combs 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Destefano 
Mr. Steven Gyalai 
Mr. and Mrs. David Rennecker 
Ms. Barb Rossetti 
Mr. and Mrs. George Waikem 
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Walters 
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wendt 
Ms. Katlyn Saffell
 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Criswell
 Dr. Eid Alhatem and Yara Khouri 
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Barta 
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sandra Cooper 
Mr. Nate Lehrer 
Mrs. Susan Mihal 
Miss Kate Murphy 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Palutsis 
Dr. Roger and Jojo Palutsis 
Mr. and Mrs. John Sirpilla 
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Sommers 
Mr. Chase White 
Ms. Rita Andrew 
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bragg 
Ms. Tia Brown 
Mr. Pete Christ 
Mrs. Amy Conn 
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Dudack
 Mr. Sam Ferguson 
Ms. Ann Fosnaught 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom James
 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Korchnak 
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Moore 
Pride Lawn Care, LLC 
Mr. and Mrs. L. Slater Raub 
Ms. Carolyn Smith
Friends - $1 to $99 
Ms. Sara Outzen 
Ms. Clara Michailides 
Mr. Chris Vallos 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bookwalter 
Mr. Jason and Dr. Marie Gasper-Hulvat 
Drs. Kyle Davis and Shaina Hecht 
Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Lamielle 
Mr. Ian Murphy 
Mr. Nick Palutsis 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny White 
Ms. Kimberly Anthony 
Mr. and Mrs. JP Deuble 
Lipari Foods 
Miss Amanda Palutsis
 Mrs. Joanne Perrine 
Raising Canes 
Mr. Geoffrey Saltarelli 
Mr. Andrew Saltarelli 
Miss Katie Schumacher
 Mr. Maximilian Fosnaught 
Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Harris 
Nothing Bundt Cakes 
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Davide
 Mr. Jake Coggiano
 Drs. Marlon and Sheree Gibson
 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Keim 
Drs. Michael and Amanda Klapchar 
Ms. Megan Murphy Chevraux 
Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Nieto 
Mr. Drew Ossakow 
Mr. Harrison Raub 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Roales
 Ms. Rebecca Saffell 
Ms. Judy Auble 
Mrs. Missy Beard 
Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Dowling Prelac 
Ms. Rachel Glodde 
Mrs. Annette Mills 
Mr. Matthew Russ 
Mr. Jacob Saffell 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Costello 
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Shook 
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Archer 
Ms. Deborah Leach 
Ms. Pam Popa 
Dr. Laurel Symes