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Our Philosophy
  • Canton Country Day School is a partnership of students, faculty, administrators, parents, staff, and Board of Trustees.  
  • We believe that we all are learners, regardless of our ages, positions, abilities, attainments, or roles.  
  • We believe educated individuals are needed to address the issues of our dynamic, complex, and interdependent world.  
  • We believe our ability to adapt and apply basic skills and thinking processes empowers us to more effectively participate in society.  
  • We believe cultural diversity and different perspectives and talents are essential to a rich and varied learning experience. 
  • We believe feelings of self-worth enable us to maintain a healthy perspective when confronted with life’s successes, failures, and choices. 
  • We believe the quality of our relationships with others powerfully affects our lives.  
  • We believe initiative and steadfast effort is necessary for academic and personal success.  
  • We believe knowledge, skills, talents, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities should be used to improve our lives and the lives of others.  
  • We believe conscientious fulfillment of our obligations is a learned characteristic that enables us to grow personally and academically.  
  • We believe creative expression is a fundamental human need.  
  • We believe the search for knowledge and understanding is an innate and dynamic force that shapes our lives.  

We believe the journey itself is the reward.