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Middle School includes Grades 6 through 8.

Our Middle School program is designed to prepare graduate's to meet the challenges of rigorous secondary schools and to assume positions of responsibilities in their communities. 


Grade 6

Sixth grade math is split into three major strands: Number Sense, Data Analysis, and Geometry. The number sense strand focuses on students mastering fraction and decimal operations, ratio and proportional thinking, and probability and statistics. The data analysis strand focuses on students mastering measures of center and appropriately using data tables and graphs. Finally, the geometry strand focuses on area, perimeter, surface area, and volume of various shapes.

Grade 7

In seventh grade math we split the year into three strands; number sense, geometry, and algebraic thinking. In the number sense strand, we focus on students mastering the concepts of order of operations, operations with negative integers, percentages, probability, irrational numbers, and proportional thinking. In the geometry strand, students will master finding the volume of various prisms, angle measure, the Pythagorean theorem, and the bisection of various shapes. The algebraic thinking strand focuses on beginning to solve one and two step equations and inequalities in order to get them ready for the high school level algebra that they will encounter in eighth grade.

Grade 8

In eighth grade algebra, students encounter a high school level algebra course. Students will begin by mastering multi-step equations and inequalities. They will then begin to analyze functions to learn how to create and analyze input/output tables and identifying whether an expression is a function or not. They will then focus on linear equations, their graphs, and how to identify their slope, x and y intercepts using various formulas. Finally, students will master polynomials, their factorization, and using the quadratic formula. For geometry, students are asked to explore proof- writing and begin to work on abstract thinking with shapes. Triangle congruence is an important topic covered in this class, and general formulas involving circles and polygons will finalize the students’ studies. Students use IXL and Kahn Academy to help enrich their experience and to build on learned knowledge.

Reading and Language Arts

In our Reading and Language Arts curriculum, students develop the skills they need to read deeply, think critically, and communicate effectively. By maintaining an engaging, student-centered classroom, we aim to create an open and supportive environment in which students feel free to explore, to take creative and intellectual risks, to make mistakes, and, most importantly, to learn from one another.


Students are asked to stretch their understanding of science topics and to dig deeper into basic concepts. When students leave eighth grade and begin their high school career they will have created a strong science background and be a step ahead of their peers. Students develop the ability to solve any type of science problem presented to them, whether they are familiar with the concept or not, they will have the tools to approach the problem successfully.

Social Studies

Grade 6

The focus of study in 6th grade is the regions and people of the Eastern Hemsiphere. In looking at Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe students will learn geography, early history, cultural development and economic changes associated with this region.

Grade 7

The focus of study in 7th grade is the expansion and reform of the United States. We will study the birth of a new nation following the American Revolution up through Reconstruction after the Civil War.

Grade 8

The focus of study in 8th grade is the building of the Unites States through industry, foreign relations, and immigration. We will study the process by which the United States adapted to become  a world power.

World Languages

The   World    Languages   curriculum   at CCDS follows a proficiency model of learning the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Using authentic texts, music, technology, and realia, students hone these skills as they work to master the language and become confident speakers.  Students engage in   interdisciplinary strategies, activities, and projects that help to cement the skills learned. In addition, this applied learning curriculum fosters a curiosity and a love of the language by bridging language and providing insight into the varied cultures.


At CCDS, we want to instill a passion for community service in our students that will lead to a lifetime of actively engaging in their greater community. Our Middle School program provides student's with these opportunity here on the CCDS campus and in our surrounding community. 

CCDS Service Learning