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Your mental health is important.  Here are some tips and links to help you maintain your mental health.

Suggestions for Handling Stress:

  • Take breaks from the news, email, and social media. No screens.
  • Take care of your body - get enough sleep and exercise and try to eat healthy.
  • Connect with others by voice or FaceTime and share how you are feeling.
  • Find creative ways to spend time with others - have a virtual dinner party, movie night, or game night. Pick a different friend or relative each day of the week to check in with.

Self-Care Tips:

  • Take time to do things you enjoy - go for a walk, run, bike, garden, or read a good book.
  • Learn or try something new - maybe a new recipe, new game, or new garden.
  • Meditate or try Yoga or Pilates.  There are free apps you can download to help you.
  • Clean out the closets and de-clutter.

Just for Fun


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