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Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Head of School
Phone: 330-453-8279
Groups: Web Site Editors
  • University of Southern California (1994)
  • Post-graduate Pepperdine University (2001)
  • Post-graduate Saint Leo University (2016)
  • Post-graduate Doctorate in Educational Leadership - VTS (2022)

Mike Brown has been at Canton Country Day School since 2017. He is a proud alumnus of the University of Southern California where he earned his bachelor’s degree, as well as Pepperdine University and Saint Leo’s University where he earned his master's degrees. Mr. Brown is currently working on his doctorate in Educational Leadership from VTS.

He is a Head of School with a proven track record for helping schools identify their strengths in order to build a strong, vision-oriented culture. Before moving to Canton, he doubled the size of his last school and transformed it into a highly sought-after environment during a time when most schools were declining or remaining flat in their enrollment.

Mr. Brown has worked in the field of education since the 1990s, gaining experience by leading educational programs as a National Park Ranger and a Youth Minister, teaching multiple subjects in preschool through middle school, and serving as a school administrator. As a seasoned educator, Mr. Brown is passionate about making sure schools operate in the best interest of their students and creating a safe, inspiring and caring atmosphere for them to stumble, grow, and learn on their path to becoming educated and devoted citizens of our communities. In addition to his work in schools, Mr. Brown is involved in various service organizations, serves on multiple non-profit boards, and has recently been involved in publishing a national guide on helping schools prepare for and navigate through situations of educator sexual misconduct. Outside school, Mr. Brown enjoys being outdoors with his family, fishing, photography, playing the piano, and experimenting in the kitchen! He has also spent several years taking adults and students to Haiti where he is helping to develop a school in a remote part of the country.

As the Head of School at Canton Country Day School, Mike loves helping teachers rediscover their passion for teaching. When he is not working at school, you can usually find this native Californian browsing in a bookstore, spending hours in a museum, or throwing the Frisbee for his family dog, Maddie.