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While our campus remains closed, the CCDS Experience continues via Distance Learning!

At Canton Country Day, educators design and facilitate authentic, student-centered learning experiences. Our teachers reflect on the needs of all students and families in order to develop appropriately challenging and engaging curriculum.

We remain committed to teaching and caring for the whole-child. Canton Country Day will provide a balanced curriculum with both academic and social-emotional support to ensure continuity in our students’ learning and growth.

Covid-19 Communications from Head of School

Suggestions For A Calm Working Environment 

By Dr. Carrie Willett

*Be alert to the subjects or tasks that may trigger some anxiety for your children, such as spelling or math, try to be available during those periods. Starting with the hardest subject first will help.

*Look for signs of stress, negative self-talk, sighs, fidgeting, or over-reliance on assistance, and build in some quick breaks.  

*Use some nonverbal cues to help regain focus, tapping work, screen, sticky note that says "You Got This". 

*Soft Music in background

*Use deep breathing (4x4x4, 5 fingers), physical activity, or imagery to help reduce anxiety and re-focus

*Encourage positive self-talk. Replace the negative "I can't" with the positive "I can try to do this, "I have not learned this yet", " I can ask for help."

*Model and practice "Give me 10", start at ten and count backward. 

*Help problem solve where they may have some difficulty on assignments today, and where they could use some help.

*Create a Take A Break area in your own home for all to use, and model how and when to use.

*Walks are great, with supervision when needed. 

*Keep some physical activities available at the work station to relieve stress while working, playdoh, squishy, fidget cubes, or some magic sand as some possibilities.